about me

Hello everyone!

I’m a Postdoc Researcher at Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) of the University of Minho (funding by Foundation for Science and Technology – FCT, reference: SFRH/BPD/115125/2016).

In my currently research I explore the so-called “sharing economy” in Portugal and the new ways of life in times of digital capitalism with focus on the digital platforms of Internet. See the project here (only in portuguese. English is comming soon).

Outside from the academic / professional life, I´m student paint in National Society of  Fine Arts of Portugal and I have a blog with  some texts and develop a personal project in area of drawing, painting and analog photography. Some work are available. Check it here.

A glimpse of my academic/professional background

I’m PhD in Sociology, specialist in Sociology of Communication, Culture and Lifestyle by Institute of Social Science of University of Lisbon -ICSLisboa (funding by Foundation for Science and Technology – FCT), master degree in Communication and Culture by Faculty of Letters of University of Lisbon (FLUL), bachelor in Social Communication (Journalism) by University Center of Belo Horizonte (UNI-BH, Brazil) and expertise in social media and digital sociology.

During my master degree I did a qualitative research about uses of social network of Internet by brazilian immigrants (read the book – In portuguese only). In my PhD, I studied the formation os new political identities based on the uses of technologies (read the book published by  Labcom Books – In portuguese only). Access my full publications here.

I was a researcher at Center for the Study of Migration and Intercultural Relations of Open University of Portugal (CEMRI-UAB), where I worked for three year as assistant professor in E-learning system.

I collaborated with the Communications Regulatory Authority of Portugal (ERC) as media analyst. I was a fellow research on the project “Ageing and Mass Media: Representations about ageing and old age in the informative contents of television and press”, coordinated by Dr. Pedro Alcântara da Silva from the Institute of Social Science of University of Lisbon (ICS-Lisboa), funding by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

In Brazil, I worked as a journalist in media companies and consulter in digital communication field, helping various cultural associations, public organisations and private companies.

In Portugal, at the same time of my academic activities, I helped to formulate digital strategies to improve the communication of artists, academics, cultural associations and festivals of cinema, as Festin – Festival of Itinerant Cinema in Portuguese Language (FESTin).

I helped to create the Revista Invisível in 2010 where I worked as editor, graphic design and referee. As an academical referee, I collaborated as reviewer in journals as: Revista Comunicação Pública; Chasqui Journal of International Center of Superior Studies of Communication to Latin America (CIESPAL);  International Journal of Iberian Studies and Análise Social (ICS-UL).

Interviews that you can read others things about me (portuguese only // sorry…)

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